The company operates under the ethos, vision and guidance of :

Dr. A Ram Reddy

Coming from a family engaged in Real Estate Development for over 4 decades, he’s been actively involved with the business since his early days and throughout his pursuit of a medical science education. He joined real estate after graduation in 1999, coming up with ambitions of expanding development that would cater to a highly evolving and expanding Bangalore all around and made his first notable advances by developing layout plans that gained approval by BDA.

He’s gone from strength to strength ever since by implementing his ideas successfully and enabling the growth of Reliaable developers by building properties of various types and scales, that include (but are not limited to) Gated communities, Villas etc. He follows a consumer-centric philosophy and believes that the key to success in providing his consumers with properties that look after their all-round needs.

Mr. H P Rama Reddy

His expertise of 25 years in Banking and Finance has helped ensure Reliaable’s core infrastructure remains concrete, efficient and is always in forward momentum. His experience with Banking and Finance helps keep the company in world class shape and ensure all the transactions and complex financial micromanaging remains as efficient as possible. His efforts over more than a couple of decades have played a vital part in ensuring the organization’s stability and core functionality.