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3 essential checklists before buying a plot in Bangalore

Architecture   Mar 19, 2020

Know the essentials and basics before buying a plot

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest investment and if you don’t plan it properly, it can affect your finance. Therefore, if you are ready to buy a plot to build your first home, it is advised to watch out for the title deed, property tax receipts and encumbrance certificate before considering the conclusion.

Bangalore - The ideal investment destination

Today, Bangalore has become one of the most preferred places to buy any form of property. So, if you are a first-time plot buyer, it is important to keep consider few suggestions for a hassle-free plot buying process.

  • Verify/scrutinize documents in the initial stages itself
  • Pay the advance amount only after seeing the original documents
  • Inspect the documents thoroughly by an advocate.
  • Always ensure that you are dealing with the right developer/owner

Reliaable Developers - Invest in BDA luxury villa plots in Bangalore

When you own a plot, you have the freedom to customise it as you wish and build a home of your choice. Reliaable Developers offers one of the best property choices in the city. No matter where the plot is located, Reliaable Developer offers luxurious BDA villa plots with essential amenities for an urban lifestyle.

Why BDA?

BDA - one of the primary factors to be considered at the earliest. Therefore, choose wisely and verify the plots before buying the plot

Whether you are a first-time plot buyer or not, it is essential to verify all the documents and get approved by the Bangalore Development Authority before buying a BDA plot in Bangalore.

So, what are the other essential checklists before buying a plot in Bangalore?

  • Understand the value

Make sure the plot is brought from a reputed builder with verified history in the real estate market. Make sure you buy the plot from a reputed builder with verified history in the real estate market. Most reputed builders offer plots that have good value with returns.

  • The title deed

Whether it is a residential plot or a commercial plot, always make sure the deed title is in the name of the seller. Insist upon looking at the original document and not just a photocopy.

  • Return of investment

While buying a plot, it is essential to look at the potential behind the investment.

  • Research about the location
  • Look at the growth prospects
  • Check if the plot is on flat land or a slope
  • Purchase a plot suitable to build a home
  • Check the availability of water and electricity