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Tips to improve your home to make it a bit more eco-friendly

Architecture   Feb 13, 2020

Many people in India and across the world are trying to become more eco-friendly. Being conscious about environment not only helps you contribute to a cleaner surrounding but can help you save some money.

While many associate a greener environment with inconvenient lifestyle changes, there are several easy adjustments you can make in and around your home to considerably decrease your carbon footprint. We have listed down a few changes that you can make to transform your home into a clean shelter.

Be careful with water usage

Being nature-friendly isn’t related to energy consumption, but taking an integrated approach in everything we do. So, it is extremely important to get serious about saving water. The first thing you need to do is use your weekend to fix any leaks. Making small lifestyle changes like closing the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth can save a lot of water. Although these are clichéd ideas, such changes can save thousands of litres of water.

Avoid incandescent lighting

According to reports, LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) last 25 times longer and consume 75% lesser energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. LEDs not only contribute their part in saving the environment, but also save your current bill units.

Compost your waste

Are you an efficient eater? If yes, you would still end up with food scraps at the end of your meal. Instead of throwing the waste into the trash, you can store them in a compost bin, which is more eco-friendly. Composting the food waste is a natural way to produce manure for your plants.

Solar panels

For any eco-friendly home, solar panels are an essential element. Having solar panels can provide your home with enough energy to run almost all electric appliances. Solar panels are surely a long-term investment option. It is not just a financial investment, but a chance to be environmentally friendly.

Cook wisely

Being a little smart in the kitchen can lead to a more eco-friendly home. For instance, you can lose a significant amount of heat and energy if your microwave oven is kept open during cooking. Another kitchen example that causes problem is the coffee pods scrap - they contribute to a global disaster. Solution: Make your coffee from the standard drip coffee maker.

Reduce your electronics usage

It is understandable that avoiding electronic gadgets is quite difficult, especially after getting back home from a long day at office and wanting to watch an episode of your favourite web series. But, if you really want to cut down your carbon footprint, you should try your best to reduce the usage of your gadgets.

House plants

Decorating your home with house plants needs quite a bit of work and responsibility. But, the end result is all that matters. Experts claim that the soil in potted plants can potentially clean the toxic substances inside your home.

Besides the above, other aspects that can help you reduce your carbon footprints are turning off the lights when not in use, reusing shopping bags, cooking more at home, avoiding plastic glass, bottles and plates, shortening your showers, unplugging idle electronics, and more.